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Seed Production

OSE produces and supplies quality conventional and organic oil seeds both for its own processing and for export to global markets.

The majority of our oil seeds are grown under contract in the Canterbury region, which has a unique soil and climate combination producing some of the world

All seed production is supervised by our parent company Midlands Seed Ltd.

This means we can ensure the best practice is followed on farms, with a resultant guarantee of quality seed going into the press. Our oil seed crops are either windrowed or direct headed once the crop is ripe, normally around mid to late summer. Windrowing involves cutting the crop and leaving it to dry for 3-5 days before the crop is combined.

Direct heading means that crops are combined while they are still standing. Once harvested our seed is cleaned at local seed cleaning plants in Ashburton, with all product produced being of a very high purity standard. With both Midlands Seed and OSE overseeing the seed production process, full traceability from farm to consumer is monitored. This is important for all of our oils, and particularly important with our organic product range.